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Jen Hupf, Genealogist

I love exploring the intricate threads of family history. Over the years, I’ve immersed myself in unraveling the stories woven into our ancestors’ lives, fueled by a passion for understanding our shared past and how our families fit into history.

I have a fascination for the hidden tales tucked away in every family tree and specialize in tracing lineages and resurrecting forgotten stories.

Whether it’s deciphering complex family ties or piecing together scattered historical records, I approach each project with unwavering diligence. My goal is to provide the detailed research that breathes life into the unique heritage of each family.

Ultimately, my mission as a genealogist is to empower individuals and families to embrace their heritage. By delving into the past, we not only uncover our roots but also forge a deeper sense of connection and belonging across generations.

If you’re eager to embark on this enlightening journey of discovery, I’m here to be your guide, helping you navigate the rich tapestry of your own ancestry with warmth and enthusiasm. Let’s embark on this adventure together!

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